Who We Are?


“A three hundred and sixty degree view of serving OUR customers”

POWER FM’s corporate culture was built on Victor Hugo’s famous quote that says “music
expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.

We aim to be the only station whose outlook is to reveal, explore and debate
developments that concern the youth as they happen in Zambia and the world.

In truth, there might be a few other stations out there that aspire to provide similar services, but our feeling is that those stations only cover pieces of the story, none as comprehensive as ours.
To cover the biggest stories requires a significant investment of time and effort and our team understands the dedication and commitment it requires to execute a radio production properly.
The payoff being: a story that provides understanding beyond just being a listener, but being part of the story itself. 

At POWER FM, we take pride in our unique ability to understand and answer to the obstacles and challenges which our customers are facing and we strive to always try to find an effective way of bringing the radio station a lot closer to its business partners and genuinely connect advertisers to our audience and ultimately their desired solution.
We don’t believe in selling what we have, but rather to consult with you, as a client, and provide a full service solution. Our consultant sales approach means that we are more than just a sales team; we are Media Marketing Consultants for your business.

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